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Redwood City, CA. March 8th.
Click to Listen to 'Comin' Around'
Click to Listen to ‘Comin’ Around’

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Zak’s ‘Gods Plan’ Cover.

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New Show Alert!

Redwood City, CA. March 8th 2018

Who is Zak?



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Zak’s compelling soul-driven sound started where he grew up in the San Francisco, Bay Area. Bringing a new feel back into Urban Contemporary, Zak is also grabbing the attention of Hip Hop/ RnB fans who’ve latched onto his nostalgic mainstream sound. He intrigued listeners in 2018 with his debut single, “The Wave”, and returned again in 2019 with a charming spring time record, “Comin’ Around”, which was picked up on Spotify’s Discover Weekly. The young Singer/ Songwriter has not only amassed a catalogue of colorful records, but has also continually followed up with innovative music videos. Zak’s been drawn out in comparison to artists like Justin Timberlake, Amy Winehouse, and Adam Levine. Most recently, he’s been covering the California circuit, doing shows from San Francisco to San Diego. He’s now releasing weekly singles based off of his 2019 Summer Jam Tour through California. Exciting, tropical, and refreshing, enjoy the defining sound that represents, Zak. Tickets / Music at Zakofficial.com. @imjustzak.