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Redwood City, CA. March 8th.

Click to Listen to 'Comin' Around'
Click to Listen to ‘Comin’ Around’

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Zak’s ‘Gods Plan’ Cover.

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New Show Alert!

Redwood City, CA. March 8th 2018


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Zak’s electric soul-driven sound started where he grew up in the Bay Area. Combining elements of R&B, Neosoul, and Pop, this young artist has managed to bring a completely different concept of artist to the music industry. In summer of 2016, the Singer/ Songwriter moved to LA where he began to garner further awareness of his love for Blues. It wasn’t until he changed his name from Proph3cY to Zak, that he truly began to embody what he stands for; “being yourself and letting the rest follow”. Growing up in the Bay Area, Zak found himself listening to jazz on a daily basis, but soon after middle school, he found Rhythm and Blues to be an even sweeter alternative. Striking a resemblance to the vibes of Amy Winehouse and Jamiroquai, Zak doesn’t discredit his style to the likes of Al Green and Marvin Gaye . Notably, he’s been consistently putting out records. Zak regularly fulfills his promise to release a new single every 3 weeks. Now, in 2019, the 24 year old continues to build music alongside his burning desire to contribute something great to the world. IG: @imjustzak.