About Summary

On May 2nd, 1994 Zach Klein was born what doctors considered to be a congenital syndactyly. With just 3 fingers on his right hand, a completely different story would unfold. It would take years before he truly understood how to embrace and accept something that wasn’t going to change.
A realization developed through both years of experience and dealing with varying perspectives on how to view this hand. The challenging aspects of living day to day life with something that only 1% of the world is granted gave him the opportunity to grow much quicker than he originally might have. Considering the way he was born, and how it developed his outlook on life, his message became and uplifting prophecy, or proph3cy. The young artist manages to bring positivity through an electric, soul driven vibe and an original Jazzy Blues style which dictates a lane of its own.
“When it’s all said and done, watching people enjoy my music is the most rewarding thing in the world. But when it comes to my purpose and why I’m probably here, all I can say is that I’m doing my best to be the most honest musician I can be. It’s really important for me to be truthful with the way I feel about things in life. This is a valuable lesson I’ve learned.  Through the years, I’ve come a long way with handling difficult situations. I’m no different than anybody else who’s been dealt a tough circumstance, but people may or may not find benefits in seeings things the way I explain in my songs- things get better”. Now, in 2017, The 23 year old artist currently lives in Los Angeles, and is gearing up to release his debut EP, “Coastline”.


-Proph3cY *EST.1994*

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