Comin' Around

‘Comin’ Around’ is the undertone of everything I feel with my music.  When I graduated college and moved straight to LA this song embodied that . The first line, “I moved out to Los Angeles 7 months ago”. 

Comin’ Around is about seeing the larger perspective of your life.  We spend so much time  striving and actually forget that living, and the ability to feel like we’re making progress, is the real goal we’re searching for. I’ll tell you right now… it doesn’t matter what you’re doing with your life as long as you keep it pushing in all directions. I don’t worry about the tangible results because that gets really stressful and makes everything less fun. It’s better when “I don’t try to know…. why it’s just not coming around”. It comes around when I practice, when I edit my music videos, or mix my songs, or run my studio…. every second I spend writing hooks and melodies it’s coming around.

    That’s a valuable lesson I learned. Just keep doing what you do and people will begin to take notice. You’re dope. You just have to stay at the gym exercising your god given abilities.   “I got things to show, so I just keep coming around”.

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