Life in Your 20’s

A lot of the people who I look up to in my life seem to have a clear purpose. Over the years, I’ve consumed countless hours digesting books, tapes, interviews, etc., and there’s always been one constant difference between my idols and I. Our age. I wonder what it was like to be Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Michael Singer, or Gary Vaynerchuck at age 24. Were they self actualized people, or did they just sense a burning desire to become that? Did they understand themselves and know their ultimate purpose or were they caught up in the financials of life? I ask because I feel like it’s tough to feel okay with yourself if you don’t know why you’re here. I’m hella sad on days but I’m equally happy a lot of days. It’s pretty much 50/50. I know that the people I look up to are more like 80/20. Most kids in their 20’s are wondering how to make something meaningful of their lives. At some point, we’re shown the way, but it almost feels like struggling is a prerequisite. Struggling is never a bad thing, but it does feel like we should at least know what we’re struggling for right? Maybe that’s just not how it works. To anybody out there who feels this way, just know that your intention to find out more will be the main driver in getting you there. For some reason that’s something I KNOW. Stay clear that your intention to know more is the realest part about you. So I still continue to wonder. Is time the only way to get to fulfillment? Thanks for reading this.
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