The ‘Vibe’ EP

A little more about Zak’s new release, ‘Vibe’. What’s this project all about?

The main story

‘Vibe’ is a short story and memory based in Los Angeles. The EP is layered with melodic harmony and is carefully illustrated to paint a world as Zak sees it. This entire album is contained within a somewhat dreamlike soundscape.

As a project, Vibe stands as a 5 song experience, told on one interactive timeline, exclusively available on Zak’s “Secret Vault” on his website. The story follows a relationship that starts on a rooftop bar in Los Angeles, and follows it through to it’s ultimate demise.

Etherial & Atmospheric

This whole project is intended to be a clear visual. Each track leads into the next, illustrating where Zak was at each point in the story. The specific airiness and texture of this production leaves the listener feeling nostalgic and left open ended by the conclusion of the EP. That’s what Vibe is – a memory.

An Exclusive EP

This is the first release made exclusive by Zak. It can be accessed through the secret vault on his website. These private releases will continue to be rolled out, and will include much more than just the music.

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Matching Merch & CD’s

This project is an experience in its own. That means matching apparel is essential to being completely in the vibe. Join the story of the Vibe below to get discounts on all merchandise and CD’s that are paired with this EP.  Go to the Vibe Store.

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