The Last 2 Months... (What I\'ve Learned)

Becoming clear on my path. I want more balance in my life. I want a solid schedule where things are organized and purposeful. I want healthier relationships. I want less instagram. I want to affiliate with quality people who I care about. I’ve realized that I need to hold onto my money. People in the music industry will suck you dry of your finances if they don’t truly believe in you and see you as an opportunity to fulfill their own selfish desires. I’m aware now, in this 25th year of life, that there’s higher levels of discipline that I never tapped into before. I observed from people around me how they live happily because they nurture every aspect of their life equally. I need to keep every dollar I earn while doing the necessary work that I’m responsible to do to get what I want in LA or anywhere else I may end up moving. Lastly, I understand where people are coming from when they say they are in a bad place now. You can’t just tell someone to be positive when they aren’t feeling that way. It will take time for them to crawl out of their hole and figure things out for themselves. A lot of good stuff here. I like fun. I like laughing. More of that. Levels baby.

The Last 2 months. (What I’ve Learned)